OCTV Membership

$80 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

New Year Free Trial


January Free Trial 
The what: 
Try the gym free for 30 days 
For who: 
Previous CrossFit experience 
Currently a gym goer looking for a change 
Maybe has fallen off the wagon in the last six months
Knows what a Snatch and clean & Jerk are 
The bonus: Register in January for a free trial and get your membership for $20 OFF. $100 full price. Your price $80.

Beginners 101

$75 - One Time Payment

Try Before you Buy


Octave Strong

$42.00 / 6 Pack

10 Class Punch Pass

$85.00 / 10 Pack

30 Min Skills & Drills Session

$20.00 / 1 Pack

with Staff:
You need help with a particular movement. Get a coach pick a time and lets work on those skills and drills to improve.

1 Hour One on One

$35.00 / 1 Pack

with Staff:
Need some additional help or just want a coaches attention all to yourself for a full hour?